Worried on how to manage your online transactions?

Our team can help you set up and receive payments online!

Get donations online - safe & secure

Our team of experts will help you set up the payment portals with state of the art encryption & security

UPI Payments

Get your account set up and running with
the latest UPI applications to ensure fast
and secure payments directly to you.

Direct Transfers

Get the funding that you need transferred
directly to your account from any location
Domestic & International

Mass Offering

Help your community members to send their
Mass Offerings in recurring on one time payments
in a safe, secure and transparent manner.

Hassle free transactions. Seamless Integration. Guaranteed!

Get all the latest payment methgods configured for your mission

Secure, Hassle Free and Transparent Payments – Guaranteed!

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Annual Sponsorship

Get sponsorhip from benefactors through
Annual or Monthly contributions
all done online and securely!

SMS & Email Reminders

Our team will ensure that your benefactors
are reminded of their support monthly or
annually through SMS & Emails


All transactions are done securely and
tracked to ensure that you get reports
on demand for verification & review.